Alienation - Housemarque

A gorgeous "spiritual successor" to Dead Nation – pick your unique character class, drop-in drop-out a friend's game and destroy everything on screen! Coming April 26th, only on PS4

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They came to the wrong planet.

The aliens have taken over and this is the last chance for humanity to kick ass and regain control. This explosive shooter takes you on a Xeno slaughter fest – right here on our home turf.

Alienation is undoubtedly one of the best games currently available on the PS4. Go buy it. Now
Housemarque knows how to make a great cooperative, shooting experience [...] the best you can find on PS4
Vandal Online
Alienation is a great game for any PS4 owner
Alienation delivers on the Housemarque promise of intense, finely honed, visually spectacular arcade carnage
Probably the best twin stick shooter out there

The rules have changed

Alienation is an all new Housemarque experience

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Bring your friends!

Add another layer of destruction with co-op play

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Gear up!

Get the best loot, supercharge it and be the badass this planet needs!

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