"Resogun could be the star of the PS4 launch" - Eurogamer
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Super Stardust Delta
Blast off to a new galaxy on PSVita!
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Dead Nation Road Of Devastation
New weapons. New enemies. New Rules.
Rolling your way in January 2012!
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Award winning platforming action!
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Dead Nation
Join the battle against the spreading zombie virus!
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Super Stardust HD
“One of Top 100 Modern games” -IGN
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Transworld Snowboarding
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Supreme Snowboarding
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The Reap
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RESOGUN’s second expansion is called “Defenders” and it’s coming very soon

Resogun Defenders Logo_700

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s finally time to announce that RESOGUN’s second expansion, also known as “Defenders”, will be with you very soon!

What is your most memorable classic game?

favourite classic

We wanted to find out what you, thepeople who playour games, think about old games and in particular what game would you have wanted to have remade, re-imagined or just taken the best parts and made them even better. Please tell us why these games are still dear to you and tell us about the awesome experiences you’ve had.

Housemarque’s Outland ® is now available on Steam

Outland Screenshot 29 Sept

Outland, the hand-drawn 2D platformer is now finally available on Steam and priced at $9.99, 9.99€, and £6.99. An additional 15% discount will benefit the fans picking up the game during the first week.

Outland®, Housemarque’s award-winning platformer, is coming to Steam Sept. 29th


Marking our first global PC release in 15 years, Outland, Housemarque’s lavish polarity-switching metroidvania will land on Steam on September 29th. Editor’s Choice for both IGN and Gamespot and winner of “Best PSN Game” (IGN) and “Best Download-only Console Game” (Gamespot) at the time of its original console version release, the game has been a critics and fan favorite for years.

Something on the horizon


  The picture above is a teaser about a new release that we hope to put out reasonably soon, in a month or so. Many of you might already know what we are talking about, but let’s wait a bit longer until we actually announce it….