Xmas Calendar - Day 6 - Housemarque

Xmas Calendar - Day 6

2015 Housemarque

Our tribute to Ikaruga

It’s no mystery that we’re big Ikaruga fans (Outland anyone?). To celebrate one of the best shmup out there, we created this special mashup of RESOGUN and Ikaruga. Hope you like it!

May 19th

Nex Machina local co-op and launch date announced!

By: Rudolf Westerholm

Hello everyone! It's been a while since you've seen new footage from our... Read More

Apr 20th

Housemarque Holds Closed PC BETA for Nex Machina!

By: Rudolf Westerholm

  WHAT? We will randomly select a few hundred participants for the... Read More

Apr 14th

New features in Nex Machina: Season Structure, Challenges and Replay Mode.

By: Rudolf Westerholm

Hello from Housemarque! We have a few new updates on our next top-down... Read More