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Nex Machina gets physical!

2017 Housemarque

It’s a great day for all the Nex Machina aficionados out there who still like to touch, feel and see their game collection in a tangible form.




Nex Machina will see its physical release on PS4 November 10th, 2017. Produced with our awesome friends at Limited Run Games, you are looking at three different editions of physical arcade bliss to choose from.

The standard edition includes the game disc with stylish cover art and goes for $ 29,99.

The crown jewel is Collector’s Edition which includes a game disc with unique collector’s edition cover art, a CD soundtrack, four art prints, and an 18 x 24 inch poster – all packaged in a beautiful embossed collector’s box. This arcade gamer’s wet dream can be obtained for $ 64,99.

Third edition, a game with unique cover art will only be available at PSX event in December.

Don’t miss this opportunity when the orders become available at November 10th. All the editions are limited in quantity and region free.

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