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Who won a Resogun Saviour t-shirt?

2014 Housemarque

On May 9 we launched a small competition named Save the Last Humans. After keeping our own version of an Entmoot, we decided to award a very rare, very precios RESOGUN Saviour t-shirt to the authors of the the following entries:

1) Save the last leg – before a zombie grabs it! Really amazing printout and impersonation!


2) Save the last miners – a humorous commentary of the 2010 Copiapó mining accident. Luckily enough, in that particoluar occasion all humans were rescued. Horray for the saviors!


3) Save the last Playroom Humans – We should really discuss this option with Sony!


All winners will be contacted privately. Thanks to all the partecipants – if you didn’t win, there will be other chances to get a t-shirt. The full gallery of entries can be seen HERE.

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