Want a Dead Nation t-shirt? Show us your love for zombies

Want a Dead Nation t-shirt? Show us your love for zombies

2013 Housemarque

Wow. Just wow. We didn’t suspect you would want a Dead Nation t-shirt SO bad. After much cogitation and discussion, consensus  has been reached on what our fans are supposed to do to bring one home.


The Rules:
Since today is Valentine’s day, we want you to show us your love for zombies, in every possible way. That means, in practice:

1) Send us a picture that fully represents how much you like zombies. It could be a make up picture, a zombie cake, your apocalypse survival-kit or anything else you can come up with.

2) To prove that you have actually put some thought into it and not snatched a photo from Google, include in the shot a piece of paper with Dead Nation written on it. Feel free to write it also on other surfaces if it fits better, as long as it’s genuine and not a Photoshop addition. Pictures that do not include it will NOT be considered.

3) Send your submission to press@housemarque.com with the subject “T-shirt competition”.

4) We will collect the pictures on a Facebook gallery as they come. The fans responsible for the 3 best submissions will be bathed in undying glory and receive a Dead Nation t-shirt as a prize. Gore fans: keep in mild, if we can’t put it on Facebook it means you’ve gone too far. This is supposed to be fun, not groce.

You have until the end of February to impress us. Go!

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