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The Trader: the best game we never made

2013 Housemarque

In 2003 Housemarque was working on a PS2 title called The Trader, a third person action game set in a steam punk open world. Sounds amazing? It was. But for various reasons we never managed to complete the project. To kick off their new column “Lost”, EDGE published a small post-mortem about The Trader, which includes a video from an alpha version of the game.

The piece starts like this:

Speak to enough game developers and it becomes ever clearer how much hard work goes unreleased; for every finished game that reaches the physical or digital storefront, there are so many more abandoned, either destined to fade from memory on some half-forgotten hard drive, or turned into something else entirely. In a new series of features, Lost, we intend to unearth the games that never made it. Here, we begin with a tale from Resogun and Super Stardust studio Housemarque as CEO Ilari Kuittinen explains lost PS2 game The Trader, and what the studio learned from the experience.

You can read the rest directly on

Also, we have published some exclusive sketches from the pre-production of the game on our forum, click on the image below to see the rest!




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