The Story of Furmins Part 2: the King and the River

The Story of Furmins Part 2: the King and the River

2012 Furmins

After a slightly-too-long break (ehr, hectic times here at Housemarque: Furmins will be released soon and another of our games just came out), we are finally ready to unveil the second part of the Furmins storyboard. Didn’t catch the first? No panic, you can always check it out here.

Please your eyes with the beautiful artworks of Mikko Eerola (notorious for his work of Outland, IGN’s Best PSN Game of the Year 2011) and make sure your friends see them too!

Things were rolling along great until the fateful
day their benevolent (yet rather large) King
fell asleep, rolled over a river forming an
impromptu dam and blocked their flow of water!

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