The Housemarque Survey: Results - Part 2 - Find out what fans want

The Housemarque Survey: Results - Part 2

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On Tuesday we posted the first part of our results reveal for the survey we run on Housemarque’s Facebook Page. As we diabolically planned, the article spawned heated comments, but hold your horses: we are not done examining the data yet.

Last time we showed a bar chart with approval statistics about Housemarque developing on iOS. Users could pick between three predetermined choices:

a) Love it
b) Why not?
c) Hate it

Considering how limiting those categories are, we knew we had to leave fans free to express their thoughts in detail. That’s why question number 4 was asking:

4. Can you elaborate a bit on that?

Now, we are perfectly aware that the discussion sourrounding iOS is going to be noisy by default. On one side you have Apple users praising their devices, on the other Android users raising their fist to the sky, cursing Steve Jobs and his legacy. Moreover, some gamers strongly feel that hardcore experiences don’t translate well on a touchscreen.

Furmins, Housemarque first work on iOS is, as a matter of fact, a radical departure from our previous works: a clever puzzle game featuring cute fluffy characters. Despite the appearances, Furmins is 100% Housemarque, offering beautiful HD graphic, excellent sound design and soundtrack, and a carefully balanced gameplay.

But opinions on Housemarque exploring new platforms and genres vary, so let’s check some of the answers we received:

Don’t have iOS, don’t want iOS”

Do your thang”

It is fine as long as you continue to create great games for consoles too along with iOS [products]”

I feel like Housemarque could create some amazing games on iOS that I would be very excited to buy and play”

I won’t be playing any of your iOS games as I don’t own Apple products and probably never will, but as long as you don’t switch exclusively to iOS – I don’t mind at all”

Furmins is great, but I really like your console outings. Please try more things like Outland”

Sounds like a good idea for business. A lot of companies do that nowadays”

iOS games are shit”

I don’t own an iOS device so I don’t care, but as long as Housemarque thinks it can produce a quality product that will sell, why not?”

I hate Apple. Elitist pricks that overcharge for locked down products”

Going iOS sounds like a easy, non-risky route. Nothing ambitious as Outland etc.”

If it makes you money so you can make HD console/Vita games, why not”

After making such great games like Dead Nation or Super Stardust, it very unpleasing to see you guys working on casual games for iOS”

Would want [you to] work on Android as well”

I don’t have an iOS device. I use Android”

(Good) gameplay is platform independent”

One thing we would like to point out is that nope, publishing on iOS is not “the easy non-risky” route at all, because the competition is absolutely fierce. Furmins was released in good company: the very same day 117 games came out on iOS, and similar quantities each day after that. As you can imagine, that represent a big challenge for visibility.

So the questions left hanging are: will we do it again? How? And will we consider Android or Windows phones?
For the moment let’s just say that Furmins has served us as a learning experience, and if in the future there will be another game on mobile, we will have a better understanding of the dos and don’ts of that kind of market.

On to the next question:

5. If we could work on a new IP (meaning, no sequels), what kind of game should we tackle?

We like our IPs, we really do. But like any wise studio, we know that in the long term we need to come up not only with great sequels, but also with exciting new stuff. And let’s be honest, we WANT to try and tackle new genres, and see if we can spice them up with Housemarque’s secret ingredient. That’s why we wanted to ask the community what are the games you would like us the work on. Here a few excerpts from the survey:

I would love to see a great survival horror game [from Housemarque]”

Anything with co-op, definitely a shooter. Zombies, warewolves, aliens, bring it on”

Tower defense on iOS, or a puzzle game like Planet Puzzle League or Tetris Attack”

I’d love to see what you come up with in the board game realm”

Maybe a hackn slash or a puzzle game”

Anything but not a FPS”

I’d love to see what Housemarque could do in the realm of bullet hell shooters”

A dungeon crawler (diabloesque)”

I guess if you were to do an iOS game, one thing I haven’t seen a ton of is a decent strategy game”

An isometric space shooter with RPG elements”

I would be curious about what kind of RPG you could make”

I trust you =)”

And if you didn’t take part to the survey, why don’t you leave your suggestions at the bottom of this post?

6. Feel free to add anything you want!

People left compliments and suggestions. Let’s see some:

I’m currently at work and would much rather be mutilating zombies”

I’d just like to thank all of you for staying in game development. I have spent many hours playing Super Stardust and Dead Nation on my PS3 and thoroughly enjoyed myself – just like in the old days before everything went first person”

I met my current fiancè thanks to Dead Nation and its online co-op. I have to thank you and I’ll keep following your works with great interest and attention”

You guys rock!”

Keep making great games, but please return to PC too!”

I hope to see Outland 2 at some point! That was one of my favorite games of last year”

PLZ MOAR DEAD NATIONZZ. Lol just kidding, but I would love it”

I just wish there was a game like Super Stardust HD for my PC”

You make em, I’ll buy em”

And with this last, extremely smart comment (wink, wink), our overview of the survey is concluded. Feel free to leave your toughts here or on our Facebook page, and check out the rest of our catalogue if you are not familiar with it!

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