The Housemarque Survey: Results - Part 1 - Find out what fans want

The Housemarque Survey: Results - Part 1

2012 Housemarque

On August 15, after a little poll to find out what was the Housemarque game people were more fond of (Dead Nation), we decided to put online a small survey to understand in more detail what fans were expecting from our production.

Today, we start a series of posts about the results: we want to share what fans have answered, and possibly have a discussion about it on our Facebook page or on the comments to this post. Since the survey was structured in three pages, we will examine half of the answers in this post, and the other half in the next one, available in a few days.

The first question was:

What was the first Housemarque game you played?

Not too surprisingly, about 58% answered a game belonging for to the Super Stardust series. A couple of notable answers were:

DEAD NATION!! my boyfriend introduced this game to me and got me hooked on games for good!”

Alien Incident or The Reap”

So we learned that girls like Dead Nation too (and after seeing how they like Super Stardust, it’s not hard to believe) and some of you are loyal fans since many, many years…


The second question was more interesting, and went like this:

Here below you can see a few relevant answers. The general opinion was: “Housemarque makes modern games with a vintage feeling, that are easy to pick up and hard to master, and are highly polished for controls, visuals and soundtrack”. That’s good to hear, people.

Just like in the Amiga days, your games are very well crafted and technically brilliant without sacrificing or neglecting gameplay. Basically, all round quality”

Tight gameplay, polished to a shine”

I’ve only played Outland, but I loved the challenge, old school feel, clean and well designed visuals, and controls”

Pick and play factor”

One of the few companies still making space shooters with pride”

Quality old-school mechanics brought up to date with amazing visuals”

Their infinite replayability”

Any game where I can kill 1300+ enemies in one level is okay in my book”

Good gameplay, fantastic sound and visuals. Innovation”


The last question we will examine today was asking:

How do you feel about Housemarque working on iOS?

Here below the graph of your answers. What can be understood from the bar chart is that most of the fans who took part in the survey are either positive or neutral about it, with some notable exceptions.

Answers to question number 4 will dig deeper in the iOS topic and how people feel about Housemarque working on it, and we will reveal them in a couple of days. Stay tuned for more data!

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