The Housemarque Library: because there's no fun without books

The Housemarque Library: because there's no fun without books

2012 Housemarque

Making videogames is a complex matter. More often than not, our fans would love to see us banging our keyboards with new game code like there’s no tomorrow (if for no other reason than Dead Nation’s warning that there might not be a tomorrow). However, creating a game doesn’t always involve computers. At times, we find it more productive to sit down, have a coffee and… read something.

Inspiration is everywhere. Like every other developer, we’re influenced by a multitude of cultural artifacts, and books, magazines, etc. are at the top of our list. That’s not to say we don’t watch movies; we certainly do. But there’s a special pleasure in the smell of printed paper that we would find hard to part with, even in the (un)likely event of a zombie apocalypse.

So what’s on our shelves?

The Walking Dead, to start with – as if there was any doubt! Another one we really, really like is The Zombie Combat Manual. You can never be too prepared. Also, considering the amount of shooting a player typically does in our games, we’ve acquired a few books on weaponry just to be in the know (and for possible future gameplay tweaking).

We also have a mixture of technical books (yes, making games teaches you that math isn’t so worthless after all) art publications, game design manuals, mythology tomes (Outland, anyone?) and a nifty little book on how to write good postmortems.

Next to our kitchen is a magazine rack, for those who refuse to stop learning even during lunch. The selection here gets really interesting: everything from books about pasta and the advantages of a soy-based diet to issues of EDGE and bodybuilding magazines. How does the Latin saying go? Mens sana in corpore sano – “a sound mind in a healthy body”.

Now kids, put that controller down and read something!

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