The Housemarque community forum is now open!

The Housemarque community forum is now open!

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Hello there. We just opened the Housemarque community forum, find it HERE.

First of all, why did we need a forum? Well, because we noticed our community being pretty active in social media, and we were wondering if it was somehow possible to channel that positive energy into more elaborated discussions. Facebook comments are often not the right place to have a meaningful dialogue, so we though “Why not?”.

Now, of course, we need your contribution to make the new forum the hub of all Housemarque-related discussions. Looking for coop partners or needy for gameplay tips? You’ll find yourself at home there.

Members of the team will monitor the topics and chime in when needed: we’ll try to read, listen and possibly answer to all questions, but keep in mind that we are also pretty busy developing new games, so be patient and don’t get angry if it takes a while to get back to you. We will do our best according to the priorities a studio like ours has.

A few more things:

1) Make sure you read the Forum Rules before posting.

2) Introduce yourself HERE. Tell us and other users who you are and why you want to be part of the Housemarque community.

3) We have an OT Area for everything that is not Housemarque-related. You are supposed to follow a few EXTRA RULES while posting in that section.

Now go on, explore the forum and help us make it great!

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