Super Stardust Ultra hits the store on Feb 10th/11th - Housemarque

Super Stardust Ultra hits the store on Feb 10th/11th

2015 Housemarque

Ladies and gentlemen, the first exclusive Super Stardust for PS4 is finally available! Developed by the D3T guys, Super Stardust Ultra is more than a port of our classic Super Stardust HD. While you’ll find all the levels and modes that you learned to love over the past few years of blasting, you’ll also notice two brand new modes: Blockade and Interactive Streaming. The first is an endless mode with a trail of rocks spawning behind your ship, while the second allows viewers to interact with your game while you’re playing, in a similar fashion to what happens in Dead Nation: Apocalypse Edition.

Of course, a D3T and SonyXDev have not forgotten about one of the most beloved features of Super Stardust HD: 3D support!

So take out the glasses, pump up the volume and blast away all those damn meteorites!

Super Stardust Ultra will be on sale on the PlayStation Store for 12.99€/$12.99 – PS Plus subscribers get an extra 20% discount for the first week. 

PS: what about Housemarque? We’re busy with the imminent release of Resogun Defenders, the development of Alienation and some other stuff. Perhaps it would be a good idea to sign up to our super secret accidental leaks newsletter now and be the first to know…

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