Super Stardust Poetry Competition - Win a 3D crystal ship!

Super Stardust Poetry Competition - Win a 3D crystal ship!

2013 Housemarque

Does your heart beat following the rhythm of the Rock Crusher? Do you shake your drinks with the Ice Splitter? Do you dream of proposing to your loved one with a Gold Melter in hand?

If you answered “YES” three times, it means that gameplay flows powerful in your veins. Take part to the Super Stardust Poetry Competition and let your feelings loose! Write a poem inspired by Super Stardust HD / Delta and win a signed 3D Super Stardust crystal ship (pictured above).

The rules are simple:

1- Write a poem / haiku inspired by the lavish action of the Super Stardust series. It doesn’t have to be impeccable, but the more creative / stylistically impressive you prove to be, the higher your chances to win.

2- Register to the Community Forum and post your creation into the COMPETITION THREAD. Yes, you can submit more than one entry, but keep the quality high, if you’re spamming random stuff just for the sake of it, we will not consider any of your submissions.

3- The best entry submitted by the 7th of July will be awarded with the prize signed by the whole Housemarque crew, eternal glory and a special place next to Dante, Shakespeare, Baudelaire and the others…

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