Super Stardust Delta Reviews Roundup

Super Stardust Delta Reviews Roundup

2012 Housemarque

Hello there, fans of Super Stardust Delta. Here at Housemarque we are extremely pleased with how the game has been received both by the gaming press and the buyers of a brand new PSVita. It seems we can’t go a day without congratulatory comments (one of the latest tweets: “Just 100%’d one of the best games iv played in ages!”), and of course that makes us very, VERY happy (please, keep them coming)!

For this reason, we thought it was about time to give a little roundup of the Super Stardust Delta coverage to those of you who have been too busy during these last weeks. What’s the judgment of the press on our game? Read ahead and click on the links to access the full reviews!

 With Delta, Super Stardust has found a pulse.

EDGE Magazine [8/10]

A supremely polished twin-stick retro shooter with stunning visual, and at a price that makes it hard to resist. [8/10]

With solid bosses, fun mini-games and addicting modes from the DLC, with all of it for an amazing price, you can’t go wrong with Super Stardust Delta.

Kotaku [BUY IT!]

Super Stardust Delta offers a great deal of engaging and entertaining gameplay in a tiny package. Although you may be deliberating over several other PlayStation Vita launch titles, there’s no reason not to add this game to your collection.

Gamesradar [8/10]

Housemarque’s latest entry is a great showcase for the handheld’s beautiful screen, and a wealth of modes will keep you blasting aliens until your batteries run dry.

Game Informer [8/10]

…Super Stardust Delta makes for a good, strong opener for the Vita’s download-only catalog. If sharp-looking action is your thing, it’s certainly worth your time.

Giant Bomb [4/5]

Super Stardust Delta looks beautiful, runs well, totes short load times and has a great soundtrack. That’s all well and good, but what makes the game so damn good is its addicting, twitch dual analog gameplay.

IGN [9.5/10]



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