Starting 2015 with a bang - Housemarque

Starting 2015 with a bang

2015 Housemarque

Dear readers, friends, players: welcome. Today we are proud to introduce Housemarque’s new website – a complete revamp of the previous iteration, introducing a whole new way to experience our content, a better mobile experience and an overdue simplification of all our various web domains. Everything you need – all our games, blog posts, press packages, guides and social media updates – are now centralised under the same roof.

We trust that the work we’ve done will enable us to interact with you more, better, and often.

Before Xmas we teased a new “fans first” strategy. This website is one piece of the puzzle, and another will be our direct-to-fans newsletter: sign up directly from here. Starting this year, we’ll do our best to deliver exclusive news and updates to our fans first.

We are looking forward to the next few months: Resogun Defenders will be released in just a few weeks, work on Alienation is proceeding well, and we will soon start to discuss other things that have been in the works for a while.

Stay tuned and have a Housemarque 2015!

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