Stardust Poet Award winner announced! - Housemarque

Stardust Poet Award winner announced!

2013 Housemarque

A few days ago we asked to our community to come up with a poem or haiku capturing the spirit of the Super Stardust franchise.

Today, we are happy to announce the winner of that competition: the Stardust Poet Award goes to stylecity1981, aka Eric F., who composed the brilliant Absolute Belief.

Clear your throat and read it aloud with an epic tone of voice:

Super Stardust, my emotional digital celestial sphere
I live under your control
Addicted, adrenaline turns into fear
Endless and countless meteors are always near

Striving to be better than those above me
One wrong move can destroy a dream
Instant death will bring much debris
I can’t believe what I’ve just seen

Angry, so angry, many controllers no longer working
Can’t give up, sucked back in
Every time I fail, I begin again
Absolute hope lies within

I was forth, now seventh
Six long steps away from heaven
Billions of points in-between
Number one, I want it to be me

Accelerating to light speed indefinitely
Boosting around, I must hit every enemy
My chameleon eyes move independently
Impact mode, you will be the death of me

As a sign of gratitude for his poetic effort, Eric will receive the 3D crystal ship you can admire in the picture at the top.

We would like to thank the other participants, and invite our fans to read all their entries too – we couldn’t find a single bad one. Who would have said it that you guys were so good at this…

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