Save the Last Humans Competition - Win a Saviour t-shirt - Housemarque

Save the Last Humans Competition - Win a Saviour t-shirt

2014 Housemarque

In the last few days we posted a few pictures of the brand new RESOGUN t-shirts we printed as giveaways for our most loyal and creative fans.

It’s finally time to start putting some of them out there, so here is how you are going to be able to win a Saviour, the model pictured at the bottom.


1) Download one or more of the humans we are making available here below (right mouse click > Save as). For ease of use, we are providing .png files with transparent backgrounds. You can also download the whole package from HERE.
2) Put them in another picture, using the context you see fit – as long as it revolves loosely around the idea of “Saving the last humans”. Be creative, be funny.
3) Send them to us as a comment to THIS Facebook thread, as a reply to our @housemarque twitter address, as a reply to THIS G+ post or send an email with subject “Save the Last Humans Competition” HERE.
4) You have until May 14 to send your submissions. After that, we will pick 3 winners and award t-shirts to their creators.


THE HUMANS (right mouse click > Save As)


human_6 human_5

human_4 human_3 human_2




*(the other models will be available in future competitions)


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