Road of Devastation Score Competition: do you have what it takes?

Road of Devastation Score Competition: do you have what it takes?

2012 Housemarque

One week left before the end of Halloween sales on PSN (at least for Europe, sorry America) – if you didn’t get your copy of Dead Nation: Road of Devastation yet, now you can get it for the insultingly low price of €1.99/£1.59!

Anyway, not only you need ROD because it’s a great expansion to a great game (ahem!), but also because our Road of Devastation Score Competition starts today!


1- The competition will revolve around the recently added Arcade Mode of ROD. If you haven’t tried it yet, make sure your copy of the game is up to date – the new mode comes for free to all ROD customers. Arcade Mode challanges you to survive 6 different waves of infected, each time letting you choose which path will lead you to victory. Weapons, ammo, armor, health or score multipliers? The choice is yours.

2- For the purpose of this competition, you can play Arcade Mode at ANY difficulty. The goal is to score as much as possible. The final score is influenced by the difficulty level, so the harder the level you pick is, the higher your score will be.

3- Once your game is finished, take a picture of the summary screen at the end of the latest wave you completed (see example below). Pictures need to be readable, but feel free to use a device of your choice (phone, camera, PS Vita, etc.).

You can then send your shots at The mail subject should be “ROD Score Competition”.

4- Make sure to add you PSN username to the email, so we can check that all looks regular.

5- The competition ends November 12. Winners will be announced in the following days.


The 3 best scores at the end of the competition period will obtain:

Eternal glory among Dead Nation fans, and our acknowledgment both on the blog and on all our social media channels
A Dead Nation t-shirt, reprinted for this special occasion (since we are left with only one item from the previous run – these things are popular!)

All clear?

Ready… go!

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