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RESOGUN Soundtrack available, new Human Packs & Wipeout Ships!

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It’s been taking a while, but we’re pleased to communicate that RESOGUN’s Soundtrack is now available (tomorrow in Europe), exclusively on the PlayStation 4. All Season Pass holders will be able to download it free of charge, while others can obtain it for 4.99€ / £3.99 / $7.99. Featuring 17 tracks composed by Ari Pulkkinen, veteran game composer of many Housemarque games and a few more (Trine series anyone?), the soundtrack can be reproduced alongside images of the game or downloaded to be transferred on your device of choice.

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Here’s the tracklist:

  1. Main Theme [3:23]
  2. Acis [3:56]
  3. Acis Boss (Rotatron) [1:56]
  4. Ceres [2:28]
  5. Ceres Boss (Stormruler) [2:12]
  6. Decima [3:52]
  7. Decima Boss (Atomikube) [1:33]
  8. Febris [3:4]
  9. Febris Boss (Doomsphere) [1:58]
  10. Mefitis [3:01]
  11. Mefitis Boss (Serpentinus) [3:12]
  12. Avernus [4:33]
  13. Exitium [4:22]
  14. Phasmatis [3:30]
  15. Fabularis [4:18]
  16. Detrimentum [1:02]
  17. Credits [3:29]

We’re also happy to tell you that Wipeout’s most famous ships are making an appearance in RESOGUN. You can now use Feisar, Piranha, Auricom, AG Sys and Qirex to take the fight to the Sentients.

Each ship has been specifically modelled to represent its Classic Wipeout look and feature custom attribute set ups to reflect their strengths in speed and weaponry.

Ships will be a free download for Season Pass holders, and can also be obtained in a bundle for 3.99€ / £2.99 / $3.99 (price per single ship: 1.49€ /  £0.99 / $1.49)


Last but not least, three more Human Packs are now available. Each pack features 2 different Human types that normally only unlock on specific days of the year. You can get your hands on them for 0.99€ / £0.79 / $0.99. Once again, Season Pass holders get them all free of charge.

As you’ve probably guessed by now, there never has been a better time to own a RESOGUN Season Pass. Priced at the insultingly low price of 7.99€ / £6.49 / $7.99, the Season Pass gives you free access to all of the above PLUS Heroes and Defenders.

Do we need to say more?

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