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RESOGUN Free PDF Guide v1.0 now available

2014 Housemarque

Hi there. You might wonder why this free RESOGUN guide comes out only now.
While it was a deliberate choice of the development team to allow players to explore the game and learn about the intricacies of the scoring system through word of mouth and online interaction, over time we came to the conclusion that we should shed some light on certain aspects of the game that will make the experience more enjoyable even for the less hardcore players.

Some of these tips have been shared on our forum, some over Facebook or Twitter; others were written specifically for this guide.
Many of the tips you’ll find here emerged from online discussions, were posted on Reddit, or reached us over social media channels. We are very grateful for the dedication put into it, and the sense of discovery the community was able to evoke with each little step towards the top of those leaderboards.
Thank you again, and don’t forget to keep blasting in a free world – those humans are not gonna liberate themselves.


PS: you’ll notice we call this guide “version 1.0”. We did our best to make it accurate, but it was put together between breaks from “real work”. The plan is to update it over time as RESOGUN changes with patches and additional content. Keep sharing your tips with the community on our channels, and make sure to follow us to be always up to date.

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