Outland®, Housemarque’s award-winning platformer, is coming to Steam Sept. 29th - Housemarque

Outland®, Housemarque’s award-winning platformer, is coming to Steam Sept. 29th

2014 Housemarque

Marking our first global PC release in 15 years, Outland®, Housemarque’s lavish polarity-switching metroidvania will land on Steam on September 29th. Editor’s Choice for both IGN and Gamespot and winner of “Best PSN Game” (IGN) and “Best Download-only Console Game” (Gamespot) at the time of its original console version release, the game has been a critics and fan favorite for years.

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Including improvements such as campaign co-op and a revamped checkpoint system, the Steam version of Outland has been lovely crafted to be appreciated by a completely new audience.

Originally published by Ubisoft®, Outland is the first platformer made by Housemarque. It has often been described as a successful mix between the bullet-hell insanity of Ikaruga, the sense of exploration of classic Prince of Persia games and the elegant silhouette aesthetic of Limbo.

The nameless hero, in his quest towards the Temple of Eternity, learns to control, deflect and absorb Light and Darkness and use them against the enemies spawn by the Sisters of Chaos, perpetually imprisoned by the Temple itself. Hand-painted backgrounds reflect ancient Mayan artistry and create a fascinating, fable-like atmosphere, empowered by the great original soundtrack composed by Ari Pulkkinen (Resogun, Dead Nation, and more).

Outland will become available on Steam on September 29th at $9,99 / €9,99 / £6,99.

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