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RESOGUN’s second expansion is called “Defenders” and it’s coming very soon

Resogun Defenders Logo_700

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s finally time to announce that RESOGUN’s second expansion, also known as “Defenders”, will be with you very soon!

What is your most memorable classic game?

favourite classic

We wanted to find out what you, thepeople who playour games, think about old games and in particular what game would you have wanted to have remade, re-imagined or just taken the best parts and made them even better. Please tell us why these games are still dear to you and tell us about the awesome experiences you’ve had.

Housemarque’s Outland ® is now available on Steam

Outland Screenshot 29 Sept

Outland, the hand-drawn 2D platformer is now finally available on Steam and priced at $9.99, 9.99€, and £6.99. An additional 15% discount will benefit the fans picking up the game during the first week.

Outland®, Housemarque’s award-winning platformer, is coming to Steam Sept. 29th


Marking our first global PC release in 15 years, Outland, Housemarque’s lavish polarity-switching metroidvania will land on Steam on September 29th. Editor’s Choice for both IGN and Gamespot and winner of “Best PSN Game” (IGN) and “Best Download-only Console Game” (Gamespot) at the time of its original console version release, the game has been a critics and fan favorite for years.

Something on the horizon


  The picture above is a teaser about a new release that we hope to put out reasonably soon, in a month or so. Many of you might already know what we are talking about, but let’s wait a bit longer until we actually announce it….

Alienation announced, see the trailer


Ladies and gentlemen, the day is here: Housemarque, developer of Sony-exclusive hits such as RESOGUN™, Super Stardust: Delta™, Dead Nation™ and Super Stardust HD™ is extremely proud to announce a brand new PS4 exclusive: Alienation.

RESOGUN Heroes now available


The first RESOGUN expansion, Heroes, is finally available on both the North American and European Playstation Store. Quoting our friend Ian Pickles from SonyXDev, this is what you’ll find in the package…

Resogun free update now available, introduces ships editor and local co-op


As announced on the PSBlog on June 21, the free patch update for RESOGUN is now available for download to all PS4 users. The patch introduces the custom ships editor, local co-op, a bunch of bug/exploit fixes and 11 new trophies.

Dead Nation for PSVita out today!

We are glad to announce that the long awaited port of Dead Nation on PSVita, completed by our friends at Climax Studios and Sony Computer Entertainment, WWS, XDEV Europe, is finally available for release!

Dead Nation: Apocalypse Edition for PS4 hits PS+ on March 5th

DNAE - Logo_smaller

The Apocalypse is upon us. As many of you may have noticed from the recent rumor mill, Dead Nation: Apocalypse Edition will hit the PS4 on March 5th (4th in the US). The game comes free for PS+ subscribers. Hooray!

RESOGUN brings old-school back in the Action Game of the Year category at the D.I.C.E. Awards


Eeach year, the Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences awards the best artistic achievements in videogames at the D.I.C.E. Summit. Housemarque, Finland’s oldest game studio, is proud to announce that RESOGUN, the exclusive and critically acclaimed PS4 shooter, has been nominated in the category Action Game of the…

Timofei and Leo: cool dudes in da house


Recently two young fellows joined Housemarque as a part of the mandatory local TET program (in short, work practice) that introduces high-school students to the ins and outs of what real work is like. Granted that we might not be the most ordinary representation of…

The first Hero of RESOGUN


Prior the launch, in all the public announcements related to RESOGUN, we never mentioned the existence of a difficulty level called “Hero”. Today, we are proud to have as a guest on our DevBlog the first player to discover how to unlock it. Ladies and…

RESOGUN hits 10.000 ratings on SEN: a huge “thank you” to all the fans

2013-11-23 01.51.38 am

Within the first week of PS4, RESOGUN has reached some incredible heights. This blog post is to thank you all, and to reassure you that if aliens invade, we’ll make sure to carry you to the nearest escape pods. Thank you for the reviews, the…

The Dazzling World of Furmins Now Reborn on PSVita


Beatshapers, the independent Ukrainian developer you might know for its work on titles such as Jetpack Joyride, Canabalt and Star Drone has today released Furmins for PSVita, a physics based action puzzle game originally developed by Housemarque, the software house behind titles such as Super Stardust HD, Dead Nation and RESOGUN.