New Game Mode in Dead Nation: Road of Devastation! - Arcade Mode

New Game Mode in Dead Nation: Road of Devastation!

2012 Housemarque

Attention Dead Nation recruits worldwide!

We’re excited to announce a brand new game mode for Road of Devastation (the expansion pack), called “Arcade”! It’s a brand new way to experience Road of Devastation!

Everyone who’s taken “the Road” knows of the Egogate experiment – to find the perfect zombie killer who can survive longest against ever increasing odds (the fallen heroes’ DNAs are allegedly used to clone and breed the perfect soldier…).

The new Arcade mode may actually see you survive the ordeal and get out alive! You can choose your difficulty level, and checkpoints will revive you (or is that “clone” you?)…

Completing Arcade mode with different difficulty levels will also unlock new Road of Devastation concept art. If you’ve never experienced Road of Devastation before, now’s the perfect time!

Think you’ve got what it takes to get out alive?


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