Housemarque Work Environment

Housemarque has 54 employees, most of whom are directly involved in game development. Our team boasts an eclectic background and a great mix of experience, talent and youth. Emphasis is placed on honing each team member’s digital craftsmanship skills during the conceptual and design processes, thus ensuring that each project runs more efficiently than the last. Our working languages are Finnish and English; most team members are Finnish, but we’re lucky to have representatives from other nationalities as well.

Housemarque’s offices are located in central Helsinki, surrounded by tasty restaurants, hip bars and cool shops, including the Nordic countries’ biggest department store. All work is done in Helsinki, and we require applicants to reside in the area.

We’re currently looking to add talent. Our studio layout is best defined as “open space” and our offices are filled with chairs, desks, PCs, monitors, development hardware, game consoles and many, many coffee mugs. By far the most popular piece of furniture is our arcade cabinet, which provides endless inspiration and, of course, sparks competition amongst the team for top spot on numerous high-score lists.

Helsinki as a place to work

Helsinki, the world’s second-most northern capital, is a true gem. Many global magazines and websites have cited it as one of the world’s best places to live. In fact, The Monocle´s 2011 list confirms Helsinki as the most livable city in the world.  There’s always something to do here, the people are extremely friendly and the quality of life is unbeatable.