How to score 3.1 billion points in Super Stardust HD Impact Mode

How to score 3.1 billion points in Super Stardust HD Impact Mode: an interview with Elle Galea

2012 Housemarque

A few days ago, we published confirmation of an incredible Super Stardust HD record on our Facebook page. Today we are happy to have with us Elle Galea, “the girl who achieved the impossible”.

Hello Elle, first things first: you contacted us for the first time a few days ago about your “Impact Mode” score in Super Stardust HD. Apparently it’s so high that the leaderboards  can’t update it properly! Tell us a bit about yourself, and how you were introduced to the game?

Hi, I’ve been into games since I was very young, thanks to my big brother; I’m into all kinds of games. My favorite genres are FPSs, hack-and-slashes, and space shooters.

With Super Stardust HD, it all started when I saw my boyfriend playing Impact Mode. I tried it and was immediately hooked, so I bought the DLC that very night. Many sleepless nights followed…

What was your initial reaction when you realized the game couldn’t even comprehend such a score? Obviously, we didn’t expect anyone to get so high.

When the score didn’t register the first time, I decided to play again since I thought it was just a glitch. The second time I scored 3.7 billion and the score didn’t upload again, so my initial reaction was to contact you guys. At the time I was surprised I exceeded the limit, but gutted since the score couldn’t be displayed.

Why did you focus on Impact Mode? What do you find interesting about it and what did you discover while playing it? I’m sure our readers would like to know your secrets!

After a few attempts with Impact Mode, I found myself consistently getting high scores and decided to challenge myself to get onto the top 50 list. Instead, all of a sudden I found myself near the top 10. After that I decided to go for first place. What really attracted me to Impact Mode was that the boost is my favorite mechanic in the game, and I liked the fact that a whole mode was based around it. I really liked the precision it takes to keep a chain going.

Once you learn how to control the ship, you can keep the chain going for a few hundred million or in some cases over a billion. Try keeping the chain going on anything you can on screen until new enemies spawn, therefore keeping the multiplier at x 99. Also, make sure you know what’s on the other side of the planet where the nuke is located, since you have to avoid it. Once you hit the nuke it’s mostly a matter of luck.

At times, the enemies and meteors will spawn quickly, giving you the chance to use the boost without the multiplier decreasing too much; other times the multiplier can go down drastically, leaving you with nothing to do but wait until the new wave starts. The snakes are extremely helpful in keeping the boost going, especially when you’re waiting for new enemies/rocks to spawn. They really are a life-saver at times.

If you leave an enemy behind, I don’t suggest going back unless you can keep the boost going. I usually wait until new enemies spawn, and get to it then. Once the multiplier is at the maximum level, make sure to go for the enemies first, therefore leaving as many rocks as you can to traverse around the planet for when you truly need them.

If you could say something to the guys currently occupying the chart’s top positions, what would it be?

Keep up the good work and continue getting high scores!

Are you this good also in other modes, or other Housemarque games?

Well, I got the Late Boomer Trophy! I haven’t focused on the scoreboards in the other modes, as I don’t usually go for the online aspect of gaming, but prefer going for single player and challenging myself against the hardest difficulties in a game — and possibly obtaining 100% completion. This is why I was surprised when I focused so much on Impact Mode; it’s just not my usual gaming style.

Anyway, I have completed Outland and Dead Nation even on “Undead difficulty”, plus Road of Devastation, which was a great addition to the game!

Have you tried Impact Mode in Super Stardust Delta? We’re eager for you to challenge it!

At the moment I don’t own a Vita, but I’m looking forward to getting one.

If we asked you to record a video of your performance next time you try, what would you say?

The equipment is in the mailbox! After getting the Impact Mode high score, I decided to start recording these epic moments in gaming. Yes, I will definitely record a video for you guys.

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