Housemarque office: level up!

Housemarque office: level up!

2013 Housemarque

According to Professor Schaumund, creativity works best when allowed to run free in a comfortable setting. Housemarque’s employees have apparently reacted well to an upgrade in their working facilities, enjoying some much needed extra space – quickly starting to express themselves and create some awesome stuff.

Their previous environment was a labyrinth of cubicles and escherian dividers that made the main working area resemble something David Bowie could get lost in. Now, after a relatively short adjusting time, the difference in their behaviour feels tangible. Having more than one meeting room seems to make them happy, and the large kitchen area allows for free, spontaneous gatherings. Testing games also has become much more enjoyable, as now audiences can congregate and comment in real-time. Most of the subjects denote appreciation towards the fact that there is no more need to pause a game when colleagues sprint past the TV, in earlier days “conveniently” placed in the middle of the main hallway.

A recent expansion in the population (now counting 50 employees) was also a byproduct of the new premises. RESOGUN, one of PS4’s exclusive launch titles, will now be wrapped up with 20% more serenity. Console launches usually imply high stress peaks, however all specimens claimed that freshly baked rainbow biscuits made them feel as zen as the Old Master from Saint Seya.

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Stickers from past glories and a timeline illustrating the history of the company adorn the glass walls of each room, creating a sense of space and the kind of fresh vibe you can only get from scandinavian interior design magazines. Subjects say it feels quite homely, and not in that Ikea way. So, with a new roof over their heads, they can now focus on the essentials. Namely: having RESOGUN office tournaments, finishing up the game, and keep rocking in a free world.

PS: a huge thank goes to all the dudes and dudettes of Housemarque – you make this house a home!
PPS: Office pictures courtesy of Lasse Erkola.

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