Housemarque's Outland ® is now available on Steam - Housemarque

Housemarque's Outland ® is now available on Steam

2014 Housemarque

Coming back to PC is huge for Housemarque. As our first release, Outland doesn’t support mods, but its performance will let us test the waters of a community that is really open to user generated content and crowdsourcing. As a company, we feel that our style of creating games stems from the mod-scene and now making a leap back to PC feels a bit like returning home. Clearly a different home than it was 15 years ago, but we’d like to pick up from where we left off and see how we fit in now.

– Mikael Haveri, Head of Self-Publishing at Housemarque

Outland, the hand-drawn 2D platformer is now finally available on Steam and priced at $9.99, 9.99€, and £6.99. An additional 15% discount will benefit the fans picking up the game during the first week.


The new trailer featured below focuses on the fast paced online co-op that allows adventurers to join forces with their friends.

Outland also features co-op only challenges and an Arcade Mode, where you will attempt to beat the levels against a set time and make your way into the online leaderboards.

Mac and Linux versions of Outland will become available on Steam later this year. A Special Edition of the game featuring a 90 page Artbook and the Original Soundtrack, featuring 29 tracks and over 1.5h of music, will be available soon after launch and sold separately as DLC.


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