Housemarque: Once Upon a Time...

Housemarque: Once Upon a Time

2012 Housemarque

Even casual Housemarque fans are aware that our headquarters resembles a cross between a kindergarten classroom and a Dark City-esque evershifting maze of walls. After providing an overview of our reading habits in our last post, we decided to turn our gaze to a different corner of the room: and so without further ado (except for one or two mouth-trumpets in the background), we proudly present the “Altar of Pride” a.k.a. “The display cabinet which houses most (but not all) of the games we have made”.

As evidenced by the picture above, the Altar’s upper-left corner is occupied by certificates of merit and game boxes related to some of our most popular hits: namely Dead NationSuper Stardust (1996) and The Reap. On the shelf directly below this you’ll find a rare box for Elfmania, an Amiga fantasy brawler released in 1994 under the Terramarque label (for an in-depth history of the Housemarque brand, head to our Wikipedia page).

The upper-right corner is pretty much “Stardust-exclusive”; it includes various editions of Startdust (1993) and Super Stardust (1994), along with the award we received for Super Stardust Delta at Nordic Game 2012. Also lurking here are various Amiga versions of the game and more certificates of merit regarding the series.

The lower-right shelf features another box for The Reap and both the Finnish and international editions of Alien Incident (1996).

The cabinet’s middle section is dedicated almost entirely to snowboarding, though there’s also a bit of surfing too. Fans of our more action-oriented titles tend to forget that Housemarque has a long tradition with sport games. Supreme Snowboarding and Boarder Zone (1999) are the same title, just branded differently for different markets, while Transworld Snowboarding, released for Xbox in 2002, is a different series entirely.

We are also proud of our support of the ill-fated Nokia N-Gage via Floatboarding, not depicted.  Maybe it wasn’t the best phone on the market, but it was certainly a competent gaming device.

The prize for “Most Surprising Altar Inclusion” definitely goes to our series of karaoke PC games called Staraoke, which was based on a Finnish TV show for children. Hahaha, you didn’t expect that one did you?

Notably absent from the Altar are some of our digital-only games, such as The Chronicles of Narnia 3D, Outland, Furmins and Golf Tee It Up! But have no fear you can learn more about these great titles on our BUY page.

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