Housemarque new hires: revelations

Housemarque new hires: revelations

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The most attentive of you has surely noticed that our Jobs page has been quite dynamic lately, with new positions popping up and then dissolving into nothingness like timid dew at sunrise (take that, Walt Whitman!). 

Today, for the first time in Housemarque history (I think), we have decided to ask our rookies what prompted them to bathe in the light of our glorious company – and what their plans are for delighting gamers the world over.

Suvi J. – Game Artist – says: “When I first applied to Housemarque, I wasn’t really expecting to even make it to the interview, as I have no real experience in the game biz. I just happened to see a friend share a link about the position on Facebook, and after reading the job description I knew I had to apply. I mean, come on: working for a well-known company AND doing the graphics for Angry Birds AND learning about the industry – what could be better?” She continues, “I can’t gauge my impact yet, but sure as eggs is eggs, I can bake really wicked cupcakes!”

Tero T. – Game Programmer – takes a more official stand: “Housemarque creates high-quality games, and for me it was an awesome opportunity to create some too. By hiring me, Housemarque has added a game enthusiast and several years of game programming experience to its team.”

Juha R. – An experienced Game Developer, for whom the moniker “rookie” is probably a disservice – says that he’s here “Because of the team itself: I wanted to be a part of the best game development studio in town. Also, Housemarque has a proven track record of not being a temporary solution for anything. There’s no business like the game business! And finally, I previously worked with this team some fifteen years ago, and remember liking it very much – so Housemarque was immediately at the top of my list of places to check out.”

Carlos D. – Game Designer – pondered his options: “Since we’re living in the midst of the mobile/Facebook boom, most companies are offering work in these areas. Housemarque was one of the very few that was doing videogames in the more traditional sense and I found that very attractive. One could argue that doing videogames in a classic way can be limiting – but honestly, working for a mobile/Facebook game dev and being tied to platform-specific restrictions is just as limiting, with the difference being that if they change policy on something, you might be in real trouble. In the end, my decision was pretty easy: as a designer, I’m looking for creative freedom when making games; Housemarque’s games repertoire proves that this is a team of talented people with a very original approach to development and enough independence to make their ideas happen. I’m a guy who likes to make things happen too, and I’m not shy about stating my opinions.” Carlos concludes, “Talent is great and all, but if you’re not able to state what’s on your mind in a meaningful way, things end up not having the same impact. Hopefully I can instill some of that in the company’s culture, and improve it further.”

Johannes P. – Game Programmer – closes our overview in an unexpected way: “I bring a country flavor to the table because I live outside the capital area. That will make things interesting.”

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