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Housemarque and Eugene Jarvis working together!

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Legendary game developer Eugene Jarvis (the man behind Defender, Robotron, Smash-Tv…) is combining forces with the Housemarque team (RESOGUN, Dead Nation, Super Stardust HD/Delta, Alienation).

On Feb. 12th in Helsinki, Finland, Eugene and the Housemarque guys got together and chatted a bit about the state of gaming, specifically about arcades and old school gaming in general. This panel featuring Eugene, Harry Krueger (RESOGUN Lead), and Mikko Hyppönen (CRO of F-Secure and arcade enthusiast) will be available on the Housemarque YouTube Channel as soon as possible. If you don’t want to miss it, make sure to subscribe!


We are making a new game. Together.

Along with his friendly visit to Finland, Eugene announced that he is working on a brand new game with the Housemarque team.

This is Eugene’s first co-operation with an outside game developer since working with Midway Games (Cruis’n USA, 1994). A quote from the man himself:

“When I saw RESOGUN I couldn’t believe how these Housemarque guys took Defender to a new level. I wondered… what would happen if we teamed up? Mash up old school arcade with mad voxel tech and crazed nouveau Helsinki gamers… All I know now is that it is going to be explosive”.

Arcade games have been very close to Jarvis since he started creating them in 1982 with Robotron. Raw Thrills, his company, is on the forefront of contemporary arcade culture with sizeable gaming hits such as the Big Buck Hunter franchise.

This new venture is in essence Housemarque making a game with one of their all-time heroes.

More details about the game will be released in the upcoming months.

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