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Housemarque: a look back

2014 Housemarque

About a week ago, the founders of Housemarque visited Las Vegas for the annual D.I.C.E. event and awards. RESOGUN was nominated for the Best Action Game by the Academy and the nomination by itself was already a huge honor. Congrats to Bioshock Infinite for taking the cake in this category and to The Last of Us for all the others.

Eugene Jarvis was there too and he was honored with the Pioneer Award. We at Housemarque would like to once more congratulate this god among men, as his influence on the industry has been quite substantial. Super Stardust HD was an Asteroid themed game, but the gameplay was heavily influenced by RobotronDead Nation also had Robotron influences and RESOGUN is of course an homage to Defender. Thank you Eugene and congratulations for your career achivements.

Las Vegas and the events were once again filled with a lot of great people and while we would like to be more specific, you well know that what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, so let’s just mention a comment made by our friend Mark Cerny. “Resogun is Defender for the 21st century and if you haven’t played it, go play it. I’m completely addicted to it right now”. Glad this was on video and featuring two of our biggest heroes too. Plus, just as a rumor, it seems that Cerny wasn’t kidding there, it seems like he might be one of the top contenders in the RESOGUN leaderboards at the moment.

We’ve skipped to the good part, but do watch it from the beginning. It’s well worth it.

[Picture by Laura Glines]


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