Happy Birthday Resogun!!! - Housemarque

Happy Birthday Resogun!!!

2014 Housemarque

…And Happy Anniversary also to the PS4!

As some of you may remember, RESOGUN was presented along with the PS4 about a year ago in New York.

We’ve had a wonderful year working on the expansions and playing the game way too much. We’ve added a lot of human types to play with and you guys have created thousands of awesome ships to use. A really great first year for the PS4 in general.

The next expansion details are not far away, in fact they are being teased already on the latest PS Blog post. On top of this, the Vita version of RESOGUN was also announced in the comments section of the blog! Very surprising for many people, but good to finally get the word out. So in summary, our friends at Climax Studios are creating the Vita version and it is looking quite awesome and we can’t wait to get to play RESOGUN on the go. More on that very soon.

We’d like to now hear a bit from you guys, the players of RESOGUN. How was your first year with the PS4 and also with this small game that could? What have been your favorite moments so far and what would you like to see in the final expansion to the game? Head for the forum and let us know!



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