Super Stardust HD - Housemarque

An award-winning tour de force, Super Stardust HD sends you on an unforgettable tour of the solar system.

How high will you scale the global leaderboards?

Thanks to its unique orbit-based gameplay and stunning 3D visuals, Super Stardust HD has earned numerous accolades – including being named one of IGN’s “Top 100 modern games”, and making many “Top PS3 games” lists.

The evil Professor Schaumund has launched an unprecedented act of interstellar revenge by sending gargantuan asteroids on a collision course with five planets!


Take your spacecraft into orbit, use your sublime pilot skills and devastating weapons, and save each planet from destruction most heinous.

Asteroids and enemies come in many varieties – thankfully, so do your weapons! Power-up and annihilate the opposition with a diverse arsenal including Rock Crushers, Ice Splitters, Gold Melters and Antimatter Bombs!


absolutely essential
The Sixaxis
An absolute star
The most fun I’ve had on the PS3 since the console launched
Top 25 PS3 Games (2009 – 2011)
Top-10 selling PSN game in the PAL & NTSC regions (2008)

1080p HD 60fps

Scintillating high-definition at full 1080p HD.

Online rankings

Global online rankings split over seven leaderboards.

120-frame stereoscopic 3D

Playable in amazingly realistic, 120-frame stereoscopic 3D.