Super Stardust 96

Of all the old Stardust games, Super Stardust 96 for PC reigns supreme. Not only did it equal its predecessors in every conceivable way, it added more flair, features, gameplay, special effects, colors and animation.
Advertised as “the first true arcade shoot-em-up for PC”, the game was a critical and commercial success, receiving rave reviews. To this day it’s still considered one of the most technically impressive PC games ever made. Players controlled their trusty starship, which they could upgrade with five different weapons, missiles and shields. Super Stardust 96 featured five different worlds (all connected via 3D hyperspace tunnels) and 30 levels chock-full of asteroids, enemies and bosses. A true arcade-quality experience for PC!

·    Five worlds, 30 levels and dazzling warp tunnel sequences
·    Detailed 3D graphics and animations with real-time glow & transparency effects
·    Huge selection of weapon and ship upgrades
·    70 Hz screen updating