The Gamereactor Interview to Furmins' Producer: Part 2

The Gamereactor Interview to Furmins' Producer: Part 2

2011 Furmins

Missed the first part of the GameReactor interview with Furmins’ Producer Sami Koistinen? Check it out here. Previously we discussed development decisions; now we focus on price, extra DLCs and the future of the brand.

What plans have you in place for post-launch content? 

Our plan is to update Furmins regularly so the players can enjoy the game for a long time. The dev-team has a huge list of things they’d like to see in the updates. Apart from the obvious new game levels and level features I won’t be revealing too much just yet.

Why the decision to offer in-game purchases via real-world money? Is this a necessary addition as the game market widens, and players become less patient? 

The in-game purchases have been implemented to give players the possibility to get new game content and – if they’re stuck with too many game levels to progress into other game worlds – an easy way to open up the other worlds without playing through the previous ones. So in addition to getting new stuff you can use in-game purchases to make sure you don’t get stuck in the game because of few hard game levels.

You talked as well about a two-tier pricing structure for iPad and iPhone versions: firstly, what was the decision behind this? And second: how did the different screen sizes effect development? 

The $2.99 version of Furmins has been optimized for all iOS device screens. It’s a Universal Build which runs on iPad, iPhone and iPod. We also wanted to give gamers the option to buy a cheaper version of the game if they don’t own an iPad. This $0.99 version has been optimized only for the smaller screens and runs on iPhone and iPod.


It is mandatory to optimize the UI for different screen sizes. For example GUI elements need to be scaled differently for different screen sizes to make sure they’re as usable as possible. On smaller screens some players might like to have the two finger zoom available when they’re positioning the level objects in the setup phase of the game.

Are you actively looking to continue into mobile development, and do you see it as the next logical step in digital development, or a separate speciality to compliment digital and console creations? 

We believe the mobile platform is here to stay. We see it as one viable platform amongst the others. At least iOS and Android should be taken into consideration when deciding on which platforms the upcoming games should support. This doesn’t mean that every game we release will support mobile platforms. It just means that if the game is a natural fit for mobile, we might release for it also.

Remember to check the full thing over at GameReactor.EU and stay tuned for more news!

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