Game designer, add 2-3 inches to your CV! Look inside for details

Game designer, add 2-3 inches to your CV! Look inside for details

2012 Housemarque

Hello game designers, look at your job, now back to me, now back to your job, now back to me. Sadly, it isn’t my job but if you came to work with us you could have a job like mine. Do you have what it takes? Now look at your clock, can you see how it ticks, now back to mine, can you make it cuckoo? Look down, back up, where are you? You’re on a platform watching a bullet hell fly by, now look again, can you make a card game out of it? What’s in your hand, back at me. I have stardust and zombies and golden orbs. Do you have golden orbs? Didn’t think so. Look again, they are now pictures, can you see the words behind pictures? I’m sure you have ideas, look at them, the ideas are pictures, can you make them into words and numbers and gameplay mechanics?

Now look at your game loops, are they fun to play? Now put big loops around your little loops so it loops around, do people loop back to your game? Now look at the dance, can you see the rhythm, now look again, the dancers are numbers, now look again, the numbers are rocks and scissors and shotguns. Look over there, it all falls to pieces, now look again, the pieces come together, now look at your job, can you play jenga? And look at this gamepad, the pad has buttons, look again, it is now a marionette, now look once more, it is the hero.

Anything is possible when you’re working on our exciting new secret project at Housemarque. I’m not a horse. I’m

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