Furmins: the Secret Artworks Stash - Part 3

Furmins: the Secret Artworks Stash - Part 3

2012 Housemarque

Missed the first two parts? Mikko speaks about more pre-production artoworks here and here. Make sure you check them and see how the Furmins aesthetic has been evolving over time.

Ok, so let’s continue our discussion speaking of this early draft. Readers can see it at the top of this post, and its name is “Pieces”.

This was an initial design of the ornaments and the marble. As you can see, the ornaments are way too detailed. They look good on a computer screen but were a mess in the game.

So the resolution wasn’t good enough?

That, and also they’re physically so small that you can’t really see them in the game.

Next up is the “Reaching the Summit” Process.

This is a series of images that I did in the process of designing one of the final levels – “The Summit” – that the Furmins are headed to, and since it’s an important place I did several iterations in order to get it right. The first image is actually a really small 2 cm x 2 cm sketch that I colored. The second one is the first iteration of the final place, but I didn’t want one of the final levels to be asymmetrical, because it feels like you’re going to continue the slope upwards, and instead you want to feel like you’re at the end of the journey. The third image is a really quick color sketch I made when I came up with the idea of red trees, and the final image is what was used in the game.

Regarding the moon, there were a lot of iterations for how it looks. Other team members kept telling me that the moonlight was really blue and cold, and that it wasn’t capturing the feeling of the game, and so I wanted to create warm moonlight. This ended up taking a lot of my time because it created a contrast problem with objects in the background, and I realized that having a huge moon that took up the entire screen wasn’t such a great idea. So I had to tweak it a lot until it was good enough. The final version has more of a green shade, which is a shade that is prominent in the game.

How ‘bout “Romanticism”?

This is one of the first backgrounds. We wanted to get rid of the old look as quickly as possible, because I know from experience that if you have the old objects in the game for too long, people get attached to them and don’t want them to change. So I covered everything up with this background (laughs). In the end, I didn’t think this background looked whimsical enough, as this is a style of painting that has a lot of texture to it.

Let’s discuss “Ruins”.

For the background there was this idea of having a layer between the scenery and the game play area, but the perspective makes it impossible for anything to exist this close to the game play area because it ends up looking really flat when it’s not 3D, and so it gets into that “it’s-almost-3D-but-it doesn’t-look-good-enough” line of thinking. After this iteration, we decided we wanted everything in the background to look 3D, and far away.

Liked this overview? We still have one episode left, so tune back to the DevBlog on March 22 if you don’t want to miss it!


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