Furmins Reviews Roundup - 2

Furmins Reviews Roundup - 2

2012 Housemarque

One week after the previous roundup, we are happy to see more reviews rolling in and the game fan base grow steadily.

Best of all, is the news that Furmins has been featured as Gaming App of the Day on Kotaku and as Game of the Week on iPadDevice. Check our full coverage after the image!


“Furmins is a great-looking, well-designed, and competent title that would be a great choice for those already burnt out on Angry Birds or Cut the Rope.”


“Furmins is one App you have to have in your games folder.”

Apple MMGN

“Furmins is a great game to enjoy for every casual gamer, with great visuals and some hard but great puzzles.”

The Gamers’ Temple

“Furmins is engaging, addictive and challenging – (Game of the Week)”


“…there’s no denying that the game is well-made and a strong addition to the ranks of physics puzzlers on the App store.”


“Very strong production values and a rewarding, experimental nature make Furmins a very recommendable puzzler – (Gaming App of the Day)”


“Gorgeous HD graphics and nontraditional take on physics-based gameplay”


More coverage soon!

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