Furmins Reviews Roundup - 1

Furmins Reviews Roundup - 1

2012 Furmins

Back on the App Store, the cute Furmins keep rolling around trying to rescue their beloved kingdom and conquer the charts.

Want to know what the gaming press is saying about our game? Keep reading and check some of the newest reviews (you can see more quotes here).

Furmins Magnificent World

What sets Furmins apart is the excellent graphics, and challenging level design.


The graphics are charming and adorable, the music and sound effects are absolutely delightful, and the physics engine is fairly realistic. All of these combine to create a perfect puzzle package for fans of the genre.


“If you are looking for something good to buy, you should totally keep Furmins in mind.”


“Graphically, Furmins HD uses a more classic style than the cartoon aesthetic seen in many other popular games in this genre. Backgrounds are artsy and pleasant. Color palettes are dominated by Earth tones, and the wooden framing of most puzzles lends an air of precision to the overall designs, which are quite nice.”


“Furmins is a great game to enjoy, with gorgeous visuals and a ton of really sharp physics puzzles to work through.”


“For its tiny price, Furmins is top-quality iOS entertainment.”


“With an eye for quality visuals and some great level design, Housemarque has managed to produce an outstanding game in a crowded genre.”


Stay tuned for more opinions as the reviews keep rolling in!

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