Furmins Previews Roundup: Part 2

Furmins Previews Roundup: Part 2

2011 Furmins

Last week we had a look at the first batch of Furmins‘ previews. Luckily for us the press never sleeps, so let’s see what the second wave of articles has to say about our new shiny iOS experiment.

It is, like any good puzzler, deceptively simple.”


There’s no doubt though, Furmins looks brilliant.


It looks really good, the gameplay is  fun and its perfect for a quick pickup during the day or spending your afternoon with it.



To create the perfect puzzle for iOS, you must complete the following equation:  [Very cute but helpless beings that need rescue / feeding / throwing] + [multiple worlds with lots of levels] + [containing all sorts of dangers, tricks, collectibles to expand your score] + [planning your moves in advance, prior to launch / start, and slide your finger across the screen controlled sequences to survive] = [combination that wins].

Gamereactor Spain

Next year the funny hairy creatures will roll on our iPad. The game is developed by the same team of the excellent Outland, and its preview mesmerized us.

Gamereactor Italy 

PS: the release date is drawing near, promise™.

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