Furmins Previews Roundup: Part 1

Furmins Previews Roundup: Part 1

2011 Furmins

While the snow outside quickly turns into slush (winter in Finland, you cannot miss it!), we’re sitting in our cozy office – if you don’t count the Dead Nation coffins laying here and there, that is – refining and improving our new baby, Furmins.

Just a few weeks ago, several members from the team traveled both in the US and UK to show an early version of the game to the press. Journalists seemed to enjoy Furmins very much, and of course that gave us the necessary pre-release boost of energy. We thought it would be a good idea to share with you some of the best quotes the game received, in anticipation of what’s coming. Let’s then start the first part of the roundup!

“It should be a fun time, considering Housemarque’s pedigree and the commitment to release additional levels after the game’s release.”


“We look forward to spending many a lunch break/commute/boring conversation saving the little critters from January.”



“The backgrounds all have a hand-painted look to them that really pops on an iPad screen. While they may be gorgeous to look at, it’s the subtle effects within each background that adds to the immersion.”


“From what I have played so far, Furmins is a nice little shot of fun for the iPad. With the great artwork and catchy music done by the same composer as Bejeweled, it has all the trappings of a great game.”


“Furmins is all about having fun and bringing back that childhood sense of exploration and curiosity that seems lost in modern games.”


Stay tuned for more news in the upcoming weeks!


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