Furmins: How to Unlock the Bonus World

Furmins: How to Unlock the Bonus World

2012 Furmins

Some of you may have noticed that the World 7 badge in the Furmins menu has a blue band around it, as opposed as the red ones wrapping the other Worlds. Why this difference?


Cool Breeze Valley, so it’s called the Bonus World, was added as an incentive to connect with Furmins on Facebook. The Furmins fan page hosts a stream of news and status updates regarding Furmins. Also, it’s the perfect place to interact with the Housemarque team, leave your feedback and ask for new features!


To unlock Cool Breeze Valley, follow these steps:

1) Once you click on the badge of World 7, you will be presented with this page:


2) Click on the “Facebook” button, you will be brought to this page:


3) Like Furmins if you don’t already, the screen will change into this:


4) The blurred area in the middle of the page will display a secret code. Go back to the same screen of step number 1. Click on “Enter Code”.


Enter the code you have been given on Facebook and World 7 will unlock. There you go, 12 new levels have been added for free! Have fun!

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