Furmins Fact Sheet

Furmins Fact Sheet

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The furmins are a happy race of creatures living a happy, peaceful existence until the fateful day their benevolent (yet rather large) King falls asleep, rolls over a river forming an impromptu dam and blocks their flow of water. Without water the furmins very existence is threatened (not to mention the real danger of their flower plantations dying!), so they decide to travel across the land to their King to try and wake him up. And they need you to get them there!

Developer: Housemarque
Release date: Q1 2012
Genre: Physics action puzzle
Platforms: iPad/iPhone/iPod
Price: TBD

Premium Game:

  • Universal version for iPad/iPhone/iPod
  • Less expensive iPhone/iPod version
  • Full game
  • Supports in-app purchases for downloading content

Game’s goal / Game mechanics:

Guide all the Furmins to the basket (level exit) by rearranging level items and using bumpers with well timed precision. Strategically placed items create pathways and physical chain reactions which guide the Furmins to the basket.


  • Premium version contains over 70 game levels across 6 game worlds
  • Unique blend of physics based set-up-and-go gameplay and real-time interaction
  • Fast and intuitive gameplay lets players easily manipulate and customize game levels
  • Multiple solutions offers players lots of creativity
  • Charming graphical design
  • For casual & puzzle game fans, ages 6+
  • More levels can be downloaded using In-App Purchases
  • Additional game content is planned

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