Forum competition, win Housemarque memorabilia!

Forum competition, win Housemarque memorabilia!

2013 Housemarque

We live in interesting times. The Housemarque team keeps expanding, and will soon move to a bigger, cooler office, where our projects will have enough space to bloom to their full potential. As part of this process we found ourself going through our storage room just to find a lot of vintage stuff we have no use for. As painful as it may be, we need to let go of something.That’s why we decided to give away a few memorabilia to fans, specifically 6 framed pictures featuring our mascotte from the 90’s, Nurzu. They are unique pieces put together by Mikko Huovinen (now a Senior 3D Modeller at Remedy Entertainment), and they come as they are: loved and mistreated (we can be talked into signing them, ok).

So how do you get one? Follow these rules:

1) Register to our brand new forum HERE. For more details on the forum launch, read this update.
2) Start a discussion, or reply to an existing discussion between April 22 and May 12.
3) Every week we will pick two new posts (for quality of content, humor, usefulness of the reply or thoughtfulness) and gift their authors with one of the prints available. Prints will be assigned according to the principle “first comes first served”. We will post updates on picks here on the DevBlog and on our Facebook / Twitter pages.

What are you waiting for? Get a unique bragging piece in your room and contribute to our community!

See the prizes:

It Ain’t Simple


The World is my Oyster




A Passion to Play


Discovery of Housemarque


A Job to Do


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