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The first Hero of RESOGUN

2013 Housemarque

Prior the launch, in all the public announcements related to RESOGUN, we never mentioned the existence of a difficulty level called “Hero”. Today, we are proud to have as a guest on our DevBlog the first player to discover how to unlock it. Ladies and gentleman, let us introduce the true Hero of Resogun, holder of the score you can see at the top of this article, also known as The Blessed Being of Light touched by the Cosmic Entities: Sir JoeFenix.

Hi Joe. We have a few (hundreds) questions for you. How did you enjoy RESOGUN compared to Stardust HD (or Delta)? Do you feel that Resogun lived up to the expectations of being a “spiritual successor” to Stardust? Overall, which is the more enjoyable game for you?

RESOGUN has many similarities to the Stardust series, but it also feels very different in many regards. I think fans of Stardust will find plenty to love here though, since the game delivers the same kind of score-chasing thrills but in a fresh, new format. Super Stardust HD was the first game I truly enjoyed on my PS3 back in 2007 and RESOGUN was my system seller for PS4 in 2013. Both games are great, but in my opinion RESOGUN just feels more immediately satisfying. Also, RESOGUN features human throwing, so it wins by default!

What did you think of the scoring system, and do you feel there is sufficient depth therein to keep you coming back? (We don’t want to ask about specific details, since you might not have discovered everything yet!)

The scoring system in RESOGUN has an incredible amount of depth to it and combined with the addition of the Hero mode the game has a really high theoretical score ceiling.

The score multiplier in RESOGUN builds faster than in Stardust but it is infinitely easier to drop since it requires you to constantly damage enemies to keep it from going back down to 1x. Just focusing on surviving and keeping the multiplier as high as possible at all times is a solid challenge on its own. By the time you really dig into the game and start working out how the scoring system truly works though, you’ll be finding yourself juggling between 4-5 different priorities at the same time. Intense doesn’t even begin to describe it!

Just trying to think about what a flawless run would consist of (I’m sure there are still some small nuances to the scoring system that I don’t know about yet)… it seems like something that would take a ridiculous amount of knowledge and skill to pull off.

Starting on Master difficulty, never dropping the multiplier, never dying, killing enemies quickly, finding the very best Overdrive opportunities, saving ALL the humans and then doing it all over again on Hero mode – where the game is faster and harder but with a multiplier that now goes up to 99x – I can picture a score in the 4+ billions range being very much a possibility.

It should keep players busy for a long time but it also seems somewhat achievable with enough practice and dedication. That makes it very exciting to me!

This time we intentionally avoided looping over the Arcade mode like SSHD did, in favor of a tighter, shorter and more focused Arcade experience in RESOGUN. How did this affect your enjoyment of the game across multiple playthroughs?

I honestly wasn’t sure of what to make of it at first, it seemed like the score ceiling would be a bit limited and in a year all the top scores would be around the same ballpark.

I like the fact that you don’t need to dedicate 6 hours of your life to achieving a high score run, but I was a bit worried about the long term appeal of the game.

Then I found out about Hero mode and started to get a deeper understanding of the intricacies of the scoring system and I don’t think this is going to be an issue anymore! This is actually one of the best things about the game to me, you can finish a session in less than 90 minutes and feel completely satisfied.

You were the first to unlock the Hero challenge! What are your thoughts on how the Hero difficulty is handled? Are you happy it’s treated as a special “extra” loop for ultra-dedicated players instead of being a “traditional” selectable difficulty? Do you feel there’s sufficient challenge/reward there to keep you coming back?

I love everything about Hero mode, from the way it’s unlocked to the increased speed and difficulty but the best part about it is the insane scoring potential. The unlocked multiplier blew my mind when I first saw it, I glanced up and saw 45x and was so distracted that I ended up immediately blowing up from a random bullet.

Having to go through Master mode to reach Hero is fine because Master is still challenging and it’s a good way to warm up, it doesn’t take hours to go through either, so no complaints from me there. Trying to get a clean run of Master to build up your resources for Hero mode is interesting. I love the feeling of tension that you get from the game in general but it’s really amplified in Hero mode, you have something to lose but you have so much to potentially gain.

I recently managed to finish Hero mode but I see so many opportunities to improve my score. It’s definitely keeping me hooked for the time being.

Describe what it felt like to hit the “zone”? (the state when the gameplay starts to make more sense and patterns become more recognizable)

Well, it happened gradually, you keep discovering different layers to the gameplay and scoring system that drastically alter the way you view the game and the things you prioritize during gameplay. I have a good friend (shout out to Quinntendopower – HMQ Note: he’s also in the Hero leaderboard along with eleven more brave pilots!) who also loves these games and we always share tips and try to break down the scoring systems. It just keeps going until you realize you’re getting alot of points! It’s a process but I realized I was really pulling ahead when I hit 40+ million in the first level alone on Master difficulty. That was the moment when I felt like I was really starting to understand how to play the game. Needless to say, it felt pretty good.

There are some avid shooter fans in the dev team. Are you one, and what are your favorite 2d shooters of all time?

Absolutely, those games are so pure, some of my favorite games ever are shooters. The first video game I remember beating was Life Force in 1988 when I was 3 years old. I was obsessed with it, the music was AMAZING and the bosses…. I’ll never forget that giant brain on the first level! I like all types of games but a good shooter just warms my heart. If I had a gun pointed to my head and I was forced to pick a favorite I would say Gradius V by Treasure. That game is as close to perfect to me as you can get. There are so many other good ones though, I’ve recently discovered G-Darius and R-Type Final and both of those are great in their own ways! There sadly aren’t many studios keeping that spirit alive but you guys are doing a great job and you only seem to be getting better!

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