Dead Nation - The Facebook Cover Competition Gallery

Dead Nation - The Facebook Cover Competition Gallery

2012 Housemarque

On August 23 we asked fans of Dead Nation to come up with a new cover photo for out Facebook page. The community around Dead Nation is without doubt the most lively and active Housemarque has, and we deemed appropriate to convey all that energy into something fun. Over the course of a few days we received as much as 20 submissions, an amazing quantity considered how little time and assets we were providing. The purpose of this blog post is to collect all the images we received and put them in a gallery for all to see. On our DevBlog they will proudly stand the test of time, shielded even from the most severe zombie apocalypse…

First things first: the winner was Tareq Zitawi, with the entry you can see below:

Now take a look at what the other contestant came up with:

(Alexandre Bussutil)

(Ronald Galindo)


 (Vassilis Kanavos)

(Ryan Hogg)

(Imran Siddiq)

(Marcel Popik)

(Lysa Bou)

(Evan Worden)

(Jose Alcaraz)

(Amy Hogg)

(koleGa Pribi)

(Tom Benson)

(Pavlo Tikaani)

(Heidi Walton)

(Zom Biezley)

(Mika Viitala)

(Coty Scott)

(Jamie England)

( Juuso Litja)

Thanks to all the participants and if you like Dead Nation take a look at our other games!

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