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Dead Nation for PSVita out today!

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We are glad to announce that the long awaited port of Dead Nation on PSVita, completed by our friends at Climax Studios and Sony Computer Entertainment, WWS, XDEV Europe, is finally available for release! The game will be available in North America today April 15th and in Europe and other territories tomorrow April 16th for the price of $7.99/7.99€. The Road of Devastation DLC can be purchased for $3.99/€3.99. A bundle that includes both the game and the DLC will be available for €9.99.

To finish with a bang, a good news for all the veterans: the game and the DLC support cross-buy, so you will be able to get them for free if you purchased them back on PS3.

And now, go and make your contry proud in the global leaderboards!

PS: the PS4 version of the game, Dead Nation: Apocalypse Edition is NOT compatible with cross buy, as it is in principle a different game.

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