Introduction - Housemarque

Kicking ass and taking names

Headquartered in Helsinki, Finland, Housemarque is a game developer working on console and PC. True to our core gamer audience, we prioritize stratified gameplay mechanics and impeccable audiovisual execution to create euphoric gaming experiences.

Housemarque was co-founded in 1995 by Harri Tikkanen and Ilari Kuittinen. Prior to joining forces, Harri and Ilari founded two of Finland’s first game development studios – Bloodhouse and Terramarque.

Today, Housemarque is one of the most experienced and well-known developers of downloadable games for console platforms, with a successful track record spanning 20+ years.

‘Game is King’ is our motto.


Our Accomplishments


  • 86/100 Matterfall is an absolute gem to play, taking gameplay we know and love and adding just the right nuances to give us something great. - COGconnected
  • 85/100 A fast-paced thrill ride with slick controls, becoming hypnotic and meditative once mastered. - Games Master UK
  • 9/10 Matterfall is a fluid, frenetic, explosively colourful arcade shooter sure to satisfy both casual players and high-score chasers. - CGMagazine
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Nex Machina

  • 9/10 Nex Machina is difficult, intensely satisfying, and packed with enough secrets and lofty secondary objectives to keep you enraptured for hours. - GameSpot
  • 9.5/10 Nex Machina is my new obsession. - Destructoid
  • 100/100 Played alone or in co-op, played in Arcade mode or one of the more specific mission challenges, Nex Machina is a thrilling masterpiece. - Guardian
  • Essential Housemarque has just made the game of its career. - Eurogamer
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  • 9/10 Alienation is a great game for any PS4 owner - CGMagazine
  • 8.7/10 Alienation delivers on the Housemarque promise of intense, finely honed, visually spectacular arcade carnage - IGN US
  • 8.7/10 Probably the best twin stick shooter out there -
  • 9/10 Housemarque knows how to make a great cooperative, shooting experience [...] the best you can find on PS4 - Vandal Online
  • 10/10 Alienation is undoubtedly one of the best games currently available on the PS4. Go buy it. Now - Gamespew
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  • 9/10 "PS4 doesn't have another game even remotely as addictive as RESOGUN." - IGN
  • 91/100 Essential - Play Uk
  • "A return to gaming's roots. The best launch title for PS4 bar none." - Gamestyle
  • Action GOTY Nominee - Dice Awards
  • GOTY - Nordic Game Awards
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Super Stardust Delta

  • 8/10 this is a must buy - Playstation Lifestyle
  • Editor's Choice - Gaming Nexus
  • Editor’s Choice - IGN
  • 8/10 Super Stardust has found a pulse - EDGE
  • "Super Stardust Delta represents phenomenal value for the pittance asking price" - Playstation Official Magazine Australia
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Dead Nation

  • Best-selling PSN game in its launch month -
  • PSN GOTY - Playstation Lifestyle
  • PSN GOTY - Gamingbolt
  • PSN GOTY - PS Nation
  • Best PSN-Exclusive Game - Playstation Network Gamers' Choice Awards
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  • 9/10 - Gameinformer
  • Best Download-only Console Game 2011 - Gamespot
  • Best Playstation Network Game 2011 - IGN
  • 90/100 a superb experience - Gamespot
  • A- - 1UP
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Super Stardust HD

  • Top-10 selling PSN game in the PAL & NTSC regions (2008) - SCEA
  • Top 25 PS3 Games (2009 – 2011) - IGN
  • 9/10 absolutely essential - The Sixaxis
  • The most fun I’ve had on the PS3 since the console launched - Eurogamer
  • 9/10 An absolute star - Eurogamer
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