Bosses of Super Stardust Delta - Part 1: Hadronous

Bosses of Super Stardust Delta - Part 1: Hadronus

2012 Housemarque

Today and in the following weeks we will take a closer look at the big and bad end-of-level Bosses of Super Stardust Delta, and examine their roots and place in the Stardust universe.

In the previous Stardust games, the name of the Bosses were never shown in-game. Of course, within the design team we gave them names we could call them by.

With the release of the brand new Super Stardust Delta, we deemed it appropriate to officially give each Boss their personal name for players to see and call them by.

Players will of course always try their best to destroy these gigantic cosmic entities as quickly as possible, but rarely do they get to hear their side of the story. This series of articles is for them – so starting with Hadronus, here are SSDelta‘s five fearsome foes.

Boss 1 - (Hadronus) Render

Since the original Stardust, it’s been a tradition that the first boss is a big, round, classic ufo-shaped saucer, which we named “Ernest”. And in the first sequel Super Stardust, he had of course evolved into “Super Ernest”.

Ernest_SuperErnest Evolution of Ernest, from his first appearance in the original Stardust to his modern day incarnation

When Super Stardust HD hit Playstation 3, players around the world were introduced to a terrifying new Ernest (yep, “Ernest HD”) and have been blasting him into pieces ever since.

SSDelta‘s latest iteration of Ernest is actually no longer the Ernest you used to know, but instead, his son. That’s right, Ernest had a son and he looks like the Large Hadron Collider (which coincidentally is why he’s called “Hadronus“).

With Super Stardust Delta, we wanted to break from the mold a bit and give players a slightly different, and bigger first boss encounter than what they were used to from previous Stardust games, hence the introduction of the son of Ernest.

After our first few initial test sessions with Hadronus, we decided that the boss would be more interesting to fight if he had a few different attack patterns, so we implemented different “phases” he would switch to each time the player destroys one of the three weak spots on the outer ring.

Son_of_ErnestSon of Ernest in action

Finally, we thought it would be cool that once you blow up all three weak spots, and the outer ring is destroyed, the middle section would still come after the player, adding one more layer to the sequence.

We feel that, as first new boss, Hadronus does a pretty good job of introducing Stardust players to the new mechanics of Delta.

Liked the backstage? Stay tuned to find out about the other four bosses featured in Super Stardust Delta!

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